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What sound do you prefer? The ideal sound conditions of a room or a hall depend on the kind of music or musical instruments. In this site, you may find what is the cue parameter of the acoustical quality in concert hall and what condition you prefer.

Preference of acoustical conditions

Trial of music with different acoustical conditions (reverberation time and initial time delay gap), and preference test by simple paired comparison.
Samples of anechoic music (piano, chorus, orchestral) are downloadable as a WAV format.

Concert hall measurement report

Impulse response measurement in a scale model of concert hall

Measurement in a concert hall 1

System test

Measurement in a concert hall 2

WAVファイル 1/10 scale model experiment

Measurement in a concert hall 3

Analysis by SA
Measurement in a concert hall 4 WAVファイル 1/10 scale model experiment, effect of reflector panels
Running ACF of music
Measurement of piano music 1 WAVファイル Analysis of a wave file - Integral time and 3D display
Measurement of piano music 2 WAVファイル The difference of sound in anechoic room and in the Berlin philharmonic hall
Measurement of piano music 3 WAVファイル Reverberation time of the Berlin philharmonic's


Acoustic design of concert hall and subjective preference

Preference test system in Miyama Conceru (Kirishima International Concert Hall)

Preference Test and Seat Selection System of Concert Hall on the Internet, The First International Symposium on "Temporal Design in Architecture and the Environment -- Concert Hall Acoustics and Individual Housing", 13 Feb 2003, Kobe. [Presentation]  [Abstract]

Related publications

Spatial Distribution of Acoustical Parameters in Concert Halls: Comparison of Different Scattered Reflections, Journal of Temporal Design, Vol. 4, No. 1, 59-68, (2004). Journal page
Picture and sample data New!
A Sound Simulation System for Seat Selection. Sakurai, M., Korenaga, Y. and Ando, Y., 51-59., MCHA95 (Music and Concert Hall Acoustics). [Paper]  [Abstract]

Research proposal

Sound field reproduction of concert halls on the Internet (2004 work plan)
Preference Test and Seat Selection System of Concert Hall on the Internet (2002 Telecommunication Advanced Organization of Japan)

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