Preference test and seat selection system of concert hall on the Internet
Kenji Fujii and Masatsugu Sakurai

In this paper, the seat selection system in a concert hall is proposed on the Internet environment. Suppose that the final goal of the concert hall acoustics is to optimize the acoustic properties to satisfy the subjective preference of all of the audience, the individual difference of the subjective preference must be considered. It is acknowledged that the acoustic qualities are not uniform throughout a hall. This means that there is a possibility for all listeners to find his/her best seat in a hall. The system proposed here aims to realize a sound field of concert hall to help the audience to find their preferred acoustical conditions. Core technologies of this system are measurement or simulation of the binaural impulse responses in each seat, sound field simulation via binaural reproduction, subjective test by paired comparison, seat selection by matching of subjective preference and objective parameters. Technical problems and solutions to realize this system are discussed.