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SA Program manual
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 About this manual  Introduction of SA  Reference Manual  Appendix

About this manual

This program manual is written for DSSF3. But it is also helpful in using RAD or RAE. These programs are the older version of DSSF3 and they share basically the same functions. See Function list to know available features in each version of the program. 

How to use the program in the actual measurement is explained in the following application notes. It covers a wide range of application. You will find a relevant instruction for your work. Click the links below.

Introduction to Sound Measurement

Reference Manual explains the meanings and functions of each item of the program. Some technical information and theoretical background of the program are described in Appendix. Q&A received by our users may also help your understanding about the program. If you have further questions, please contact us.

How to start Sound Analyzer

Saved data in the Realtime Analyzer will be analyzed in the Sound Analyzer. Open the database and select the data folder . Data stored in the selected folder will be displayed in the data list view. The data which has * mark is already calculated. Un-calculated data has no mark.

From the menu bar, select Parameters > Calculate to analyze data. Calculation conditions can be configured as below.

Let's see the results. The figure below is the impulse response display. Calculated acoustic parameters are displayed in a various way. Numerical values can be saved as a csv file for further statistical processing. 


NOTE: As for RAD and RAE, no future upgrade is scheduled. But DSSF3 is always upgraded for including new functions. See DSSF3 news for the upgrade information. Users of DSSF3 are recommended to perform the online update to keep your software up to date. Please understand these points when you find the difference between the actual program and information in this document.

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 About this manual  Introduction of SA  Reference Manual  Appendix

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