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Handycam is installed in the car (Experiment)

Handycam was installed in the car to record the engine sound.


SONY Digital8 Handycam DCR-TRV300 is used with the external stereo microphone AT940. It is operated by infrared remote control.
The camera is set by SLIK Lower II Clamp head 32.
A camera is attached to a pole of the headrest of a driver's seat. The thickness of the pole is adjusted by 2mm rubber board.
The handycam is attached like this. It is the position just held in the shoulder.
A camera will not interfere with driving.
The situation of a test run on a highway. Although the camera should be shaking greatly, it is a legible screen with few shakes of a screen, thanks to a blurring compensation function.

The videotape recording of a camera can be operated by remote control at hand. If you want to record on videotape for a long time, prepare a car battery adapter. To record a sound for analysis, confirm that an audio setup of a camera is 16 bits.


This is an experiment. We cannot take responsibility about your result. Please try in the responsibility for your own with careful attention to safe driving.